If the thought of choosing between a home and a pro studio is dawdling through your mind, not to worry, because we’ve got you covered.

While the process of deciding between the two is an important decision, when it comes to choosing a studio, a home recording studio is a viable option, only and only if you have budget constraints and a relatively small project.

No doubt, home studios are fascinating but there are so many factors that make a pro recording studio more reliable than a home or a bedroom studio.

The experience of working in a professional recording studio is quite spell-binding. Besides that, this is the kind of place where your expectations will be met in full.

Let’s take a look at whether opting for a home studio or a pro audio recording studio is more suitable for you.

The Equipment.

The first and foremost factor that you need to assess is the equipment. In a pro studio, the quality of your recording is far better than what you can achieve in a home recording studio.

Your music speaks about you. If you want to get it right in the first go itself, and have no experience in audio recording, visiting a professional studio would definitely make sense.

A variety of Mics is an essential constituent that is available only in professional recording studios. On the other hand, in a home studio, the accessibility to mics is restricted to a smaller number because let’s be honest, mics and other audio equipment are an expensive affair.

Not only will you be restricted with the number of gears at your disposal, but also, you don’t want to feel like you’re in a cage when you are signing your favorite track and creating history.

Like many professional studios, Psalm33studio stands tall with a great selection of mics, outboard gears, amps, and a top-notch analog console.

The Expense

Money is evidently a dominant topic to consider. But if you think quality always comes at a price, you need to burst that bubble peeps!

If a recording studio provides you with a session at a cheaper rate, the quality could also prove to be better for the price that you pay than paying higher rates for a recording that does not match your expectations.

The Engineer

This aspect cannot be ignored and it is the key element you should be looking for.

The studio equipment is one component but it’s all about the man behind the console. If the audio recording engineer understands what you need, then there’s nothing like it. In a pro studio, only professional engineers are employed who have a better understanding and knowledge of the types of equipment.

Let’s not forget, communicating with him or her is of great significance which will only benefit you with better results in the end.

The Live Room

Many audio recording studios, including Psalm33, engage in having fairly large live rooms. This gives an advantage for the instruments, furniture and a band to fit in and play together, which remits a natural vibe thus improving the quality of your final product.

So if you want to take your music to the next level, working in a pro studio is something you should go for.

All you have to do is, focus on how to give your best performance and the rest will be taken care of by the engineer and the equipment.

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